Support Us

Thank you for the time you took to study ABC-NLP. And that you are considering supporting us. While we are able to complete our dream of ABC-NLP on our own, this journey will be a lot easier and quicker when we get all the support we can get. As you might imagine, having scientists interested in NLP again after decades of neglect is a big thing. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that this time the encounter between NLP and science is a success and your support helps us big time in this regard.

What can you do? First of all: if you know anyone Dutch, please send them to our webpage where they can request our free report about ABC-NLP called From Boss To Coach. The report details the ABC-model, Organization Behavior Management (OBM) and NLP. The From Boss To Coach report can be requested here: the free ABC-NLP report.

Second of all: if you know a NLP trainer, please point them to this website. It is important that NLP trainers know what is happening and since there is no single medium that connects all NLP trainers worldwide we love your support in this regard.

If you are a NLP trainer, please consider hosting a NLP Expert Training programme. That is the easiest way to learn all about ABC-NLP and have a great additional programme for your NLP Master Practitioners.

The first supporting training programme takes place in Dubai March 10th – 16th 2018: