OBM Practitioner, VU-university of Amsterdam certified programme

OBM stands for Organizational Behavior Management and is the most scientifically based way of optimizing performance within organizations. VU-university certified OBM trainer/coach Joost van der Leij, together with the Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behavior Analysis (ADRIBA) of the VU-university of Amsterdam, organize the OBM Practitioner programme worldwide.

Once you implement OBM in your organization your employees will perform much better because they are much happier in the workplace. Scientific research has shown that positive reinforcement, which is the core of the OBM methodology, is the best way of increasing performance maximally. The reason why it works is that employees love to do their work when it is rewarded with what they really want. Many organizations think they have tried positive reinforcement in the past, but in reality they never implemented positive reinforcement correctly because they didn’t apply the seven steps of OBM. These steps are:

  1. Specify the desired behavior.
  2. Measure the current level of performance.
  3. Create together with the employees an ABC analysis to explain the current level of performance.
  4. Give feedback to the employees about the performance.
  5. Set goals and subgoals to improve performance in an exciting and stimulating way.
  6. Positive reinforce the desired behavior.
  7. Keep on measuring and adjusting goals and positive reinforcement to get a level of performance that astonishes all involved.

During the OBM Practitioner you learn all the ins and outs of this process. You create your own Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). At the same time you apply your PIP in real time in your organization. This way you get an immediate return on your investment. The programme consists of one day live class training in which you learn all about the ABC-model as used by OBM during the morning. In the afternoon you get introduced to the online OBM Optimizer where you start to specify the desired behavior of your own case in your own organization in your own PIP. Following this one day live training, we have another four online meetings in the following months where we tackle all the other steps of the OBM process.

Besides the online OBM Optimizer, you will also get access to the OBM Blitz online learning environment. After all classes, if you have studied in higher education, you can do an exam through Skype with the VU-university of Amsterdam to become a VU-university certified OBM Practitioner. This exam is optional. The VU-university of Amsterdam is ranked #73 in the Times International University Ranking.

  • Dates: April 4th 2019, the one day live training programme in Dubai. Online meetings May 2nd, June 6th, September 5th, October 3th 2019.
  • Time: we start at 10am till 5pm for the live training; online meetings from 2pm till 5pm 2019 CET.
  • Venue: Dubai, to be announced.
  • Fee: The training fee is $2975.-. There early bird fee, till January 1st 2019, is $1975,-

Optional exam fee: for those people who want to do the exam at the VU-university of Amsterdam there is an additional 400,- euro exam fee to be paid straight to the VU-university. The exam consists of a Skype or Zoom meeting with scientists of the VU-university where you do a presentation and explain your case.

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