ABC-NLP Practitioner, certified & licensed

ABC-NLP is the newest version of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) being developed by a cooperation of Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ and VU-university certified OBM trainer/coach  Joost van der Leij and the Aubrey Daniel Research Institute for Behavior Analysis (ADRIBA) of the VU-university of Amsterdam, rated #73 in the Times International University Ranking. ABC-NLP combines the learnings from NLP and the ABC-model of behavioral analysis.

For almost fifty years NLP has been the number one technology to grow and be able to help others overcome problems and grow themselves. Personal development and coaching other people are two sides of the same medallion. Everyone understands that in order to be able to help other people, you first must be able to apply all those techniques on yourself. What is less known is that when you explain to other people how to get over issues, your own unconscious mind is also listening and learns a lot from what you are saying to someone else.

The ABC-model is the best way of ensuring that positive change is long lasting. The ABC-model is the most scientifically proven way of influencing people to move away from unwanted behavior and towards positive behavior. In this way NLP makes sure that people stop with negative behavior and start behaving positively, while the ABC-model would then ensure that the positive change last for decades to come.

The unconscious mind plays a crucial part in these learning. Basically, for a good life one has to be able to do the following five things:

  1. Make good decisions.
  2. Feel good no matter what the circumstances are.
  3. Communicate well with yourself and others.
  4. Achieve your short-term and long-term goals.
  5. Enjoy life.

The secret of a happy life is that the first four activities (making good decisions, feeling good, communicating well and achieving your goals) are best done unconsciously. In fact trying to do it consciously can lead to self-sabotage and inefficiencies. That is the one big reason why participating in a live training programme gets you so much more than reading about it. When you participate in the ABC-NLP Practitioner, Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ and VU-university certified OBM trainer/coach will train your unconscious mind to become an expert in those four field: making good decisions, feeling good, communicating well and achieving your goal. That way your conscious mind can fully concentrate on what matters most: to enjoy life.

What you learn in the ABC-NLP Practitioner works equally well in your private life as for your business life. The best strategy for decision making works the same for personal issues as for business issues. Controlling your feelings is important in business situations as well as privately. Communications are key in every environment. And it doesn’t matter whether your want to achieve business goals or personal goals, the process of achieving them work the same. And finally, the best work is the kind of work while you enjoy life while you are working. If you haven’t got a job like that the ABC-NLP Practitioner course has a clear way of moving towards such a career.

The ABC-NLP Practitioner in Dubai is a seven day programma divided first in a four day module and a three day module in the following month. In the first, four day, module we focus on how the brain works most effectively. Here is the program:

Day 1: Spinning feeling technique to ensure you control your emotions so you can feel good under all circumstances if you want to. Furthermore, we introduce you to the set of typical behaviors that define you and teach you how you can use those patterns to stop stressing and relax more.

Day 2: Learn to neutralize past bad experiences and change worries about the future to a vision that empowers you, increases your self-confidence and gives you piece of mind. Furthermore you learn how to recognize typical behavioral patterns of others. Based on those patterns you learn how to deal best with other people.

Day 3: We go into detail how your brain codes your learnings. This way you learn how to unlearn any negative pattern you acquired in your life and replace them with positive patterns. We pay attention of how to get unstuck and move towards insight and enlightenment.

Day 4: On this day we learn how to apply feedback mechanisms in order to become a master in anything you want to master. Also we go into how to anchor positive feelings so you can instantly feel more confident, become more enthusiastic or radiate more love.


The main subject for the second module is communication. The programme is:

Day 1: How to communicate in such a way that you minimize all possibilities to have misunderstanding each other.

Day 2: How to communicatie in such a way that you maximize your influence on other people so they are more likely to do what you want.

Day 3: More communication patterns to influence people. Learning why hypnotic language patterns work as good as they do.

This programme will be life changing. It will turbo-charge your life, both personal and professional alike. So if you can participate, please do! Here are all the details:

  • Dates: module 1: February 28th, March 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2019; module 2: April 5th 6th & 7th 2019.
  • Time: we start at 9am till 6pm.
  • Venue: Dubai, to be announced.
  • Fee: The training fee is $1975.-. There early bird fee, till January 1st 2019, is $1750,-

All participant, upon finishing the course correctly, get the Licensed NLP Practitioner™ certificate of The Society of NLP® signed by Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP and Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ and VU-university certified OBM trainer/coach Joost van der Leij.

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